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Anemones have been a much recognized flower for a very long time. They even appear in The Bible, and they are in fact the lillies of the field that are mentioned in The Old Testament.

Anemones come in all shapes and sizes, and technically, there are more than 120 distinctly different species, in addition to close relatives and sub-species.

Anemones are a member of the Buttercup family, and grow wild in many parts of the world, but are considered native to the Middle Eastern countries. It is believed that the first Western anemones were brought back by the Crusaders from the Holy Land.

Cultivation of anemones was begun in Europe in the late 1600's, notably in Belgium, Holland and France, and by the mid 18th Century had become a thriving industry.

The Hybrid Anemones grown by F.W. Battenfeld & Son are derived of the de Caen variety, tracing their origins back to the vicinity of Caen on the Normandy coast.

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